Cuckoo for Coconuts

Last week, I received a gift basket in the mail from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I happened to sign up for the program on a day when they were offering this special promotion. The gift basket was full of books, and samples…mmmMMMMmmm…samples. I have become particularly smitten with one of said samples: Vanilla Almond Snakaroons from Laughing Giraffe Organics.
Laughing Giraffe Organics was started by an IIN graduate, Justin Baumgartner. They are a small, family owned and operated company in Phoenix, Arizona committed to making delicious, “nutrient dense, minimally processed snack foods”. I closely relate to and really appreciate their mission statement:

We believe that the energy that goes into making your food is as important as the ingredients themselves. The intention behind creating your food is important to us. Is your food made with disregard for the people making it? Is there more focus on profit margins than the quality of your food or the well being of the people preparing your food? At Laughing Giraffe Organics these things concern us. We believe that happy, well taken care of employees, who take pride in what they do because they are appreciated make a better more nourishing product. 

I am in LOVE with the Snakaroons! I could eat them everyday and/or eat the whole package at once. Coconutty goodness in every bite! They are dense, chewy and jam-packed with flavor and good fats. These treats are a little on the sweet side, but the sweetness comes from organic agave nectar… so, in my opinion, they are a great choice to satisfy a sugar craving, because they won’t mess too much with your blood sugar.

For anyone looking for a delicious, nutritious way to satisfy a sweet tooth, while supporting a family run company, this is it. The nutritional value of these coconut morsels make them a better choice than many other sweets…lots of good, saturated fat and protein. The only downside is that Laughing Giraffe is located in Arizona, and it is not super environmentally friendly to have them shipped across the country…but they offer free shipping on orders of six or more items…so if you buy in bulk, or go in on some treats with friends, you’ll certainly reap the benefits of this amazing company and product.


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