I Found New Things To Read!

I was surfing my usual websites this morning, when I stumbled upon a link to something new and wonderful: new (to me) blogs written by women. Not just any women: Crossfitting, paleo-eating, fit, happy women.

Reading what they’ve written has totally brightened my day! I love a good success story, but even more than that, I love reading about people living their lives the way that they want to and having fun doing it. It’s empowering and inspiring.

New To Me Blogs:

The Clothes Make The Girl by Melissa ‘Melicious’ Joulwan. I’ve read her comments on Urban Gets Diesel and the Whole9 Blog for a while…lots of awesome things to say.

I Want To Be Healthy and Strong by Catherine Hart. Catherine has an amazing success story about her Crossfit Journey.

Primal Eating Modern Table by Crystal Nelson and Lauren Sheehan. A great site that provides information on how to transition to a primal lifestyle and support to reach your primal goals.

Those are a few of the new blogs I’ve been reading (when I should probably be doing work). I’m sure the magical workings of the interwebs will bring me more awesome blogs in the near future.

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