A Wandering Lunch Hour

This morning M woke up with a fever…which I may or may not have passed on to him…oops. So, like the wonderful girlfriend that I am, I decided to bring him some remedies during his break between clients: mainly some Oscillococcinum from CVS and the cure-all for hangovers and fevers alike, Red Gatorade.

After making sure my honey was all set, I started back toward my office. As I exited his building, I was immediately distracted by a farmers market across the street. I had some extra time to kill (the boss is out today), so I decided to check it out.

The Dewey Square Farmers Market is put on by the Boston Public Market Association and Rodale.

After Dewey Square, I stopped by Lambert’s outdoor market in Downtown Crossing

I bought some blackberries for $1.00
Got distracted again by a sneaker sale…

Decided to stop for some iced green tea

Almost got distracted by the big cookies. So many different kinds!

Finally made it back to the office with tea in hand.

I plan on going to lots and lots of farmers markets this summer: there’s no better way to get fresh, local produce. We’re lucky enough to live in the Boston area where there are markets almost everyday of the week that are accessible by public transportation. If you’re from the Boston area, check out Mass Farmers Market.org for the 2010 schedule.

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