Our First Official “Backyard Workout”

After a recent trip to Mohegan Sun, which included a fruitful roulette endeavor, M and I decided to invest in some gym equipment for our home. M had been wanting to set up a home gym for a while, but stubborn me had resisted. Before we got into our Crossfit-like workouts, I was a cardio demon, and I thought that I would never workout at home unless there was an elliptical machine involved. I’ve since changed my tune (after seeing and feeling great results with our new regimen), and I’ve gotten super excited at the prospect of getting a good workout in at home.

Some searching on Amazon.com led us to everything we could possibly need for some butt kicking workouts in the comfort of our own backyard:

His and Hers kettlebells: 20lbs for me and 53lbs for M. We debated on getting me the 35lb-er, which I usually use for kettlebell swings. We decided on the 20lb for now, because I’m not strong enough to do thinks like Turkish Get-Ups with a 35lbs bell…yet…

Rings: for pull-ups, dips and muscle-ups…err…for M to do muscle ups…and me to attempt them in vain.

Undulation Rope: um…for what this guy is doing?

Speed rope: M got me my very own PURPLE speed jump rope! Now I can jump rope in style…maybe the purple will distract me from the fact that I can only do one double-under at a time…

Our First Official “Backyard Workout”
(in the style of Melicious)

Jump rope
Arm swings/circles
Leg swings
Hip circles
Other Stuff

Partner 1 runs 400m -Partner 2 does burpees
P2 runs 400m- P1 does burpees
P1 runs 400m – P2 does kb swings
P2 runs 400m – P1 does kb swings
P1 runs 400m – P2 does squats
P2 runs 400m – P1 does squats
P1 runs 400m – P2 does sit ups
P2 runs 400m – P1 does sit ups

Time: circa 18 minutes

My Stats: 4 x 400m (we didn’t do splits), 30 Burpees, 60 kb swings with 20lb bell, 75 squats, 95 sit-ups

We didn’t time our splits, but each 400 probably ended up being about 2 mins. We ran around a 400m city block instead of a track, so there were four, 90 degree angle turns, which probably slowed us down a little…next time, we’ll do splits. I was really impressed with myself after this workout…but after writing it down I want to do it again…and better…It never looks/ feels as good on paper as it does when you’re panting and blinded by sweat immediately post-workout.

I’m looking forward to doing many a workout at home! YAY for saving money and having a regular exercise routine! A regular home exercise routine that’s not a DVD! I hate getting sweaty in my living room…outside is much more fun. Maybe I just haven’t found a DVD that works for me…

Does anyone else workout at home sans DVD? Or with a DVD? If so, which one?


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  1. Melissa 'Melicious' Joulwan June 22, 2010 at 10:03 PM #

    Thanks for the shout-out… that looks like a fun workout. Congrats on taking it to the yard!

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