En Vacances

Not that you’re wondering where I went….but I went on vacation. A family vacation, to be exact, on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. M and I spent the week beating my mother and her M at tennis (which I haven’t played since elementary school gym), and floating in the ocean. It was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of Boston and our jobbies.

While on the Island, M and I designed a “boot camp” work out for my Mama and Aunt. They attend a so-called “boot camp” back in VT two or three times a week. I put “boot camp” in quotations, because at this “boot camp” they are allowed to use 6lb weights…which, in my opinion, do not a boot camp make. So one sunny morning, we subjected them to a bum-kicking workout…



250m jog
Arm circles
Leg swings
Other stuff


30 Overhead squats (with 6lb weights in each hand)
250m run
30 Burpees (modified)
250m run
30 Turkish get-ups (15 R, 15L, unweighted)
250m run
30 Sit-ups
250m run
30 Push-ups


They did the whole thing in about 17 minutes! YAY family! M and I taught them some moves to take back to their “booty camp,” as Mama’s M calls it. It was so humid and hot out that we were dripping with sweat…and I mean DRIPPING…like I couldn’t see…too much info? Good thing we had the ocean nearby! 

Our trip to MV was a much needed break from the stresses of our day jobs. I think everyone should take advantage of the summer weather and take some time off from work. Vacation hours for everyone! So many people don’t use their vacation time– or use enough of it…Taking time away from work is important for recuperating…and regenerating your motivation and creativity…at least for me.

Anyone else going on vacation this summer?


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