Sunday Breakfeast

Yesterday morning, M decided that he wanted to make me breakfast. Not just any breakfast…a breakfeast as he called it. Breakfast foods are most easily my favorite kinds of foods: I would eat eggs and bacon for every meal if it were possible slash not weird.

We made a special trip to Whole Foods where Chester and I stayed in the car and M went in a did the shopping. He came out 15 minutes later with a mystery bag full of groceries…and I had no idea what he bought! The entire breakfast was a surprise.

I sat in the living room, drooling over The Phantom Gourmet, while M slaved away in the kitchen. Twenty minutes later, I was sitting in front of my dream breakfast.

When we go out for breakfast, I have the hardest time choosing my breakfast meats…so M made both sausages and bacon! The sausages were Wellshire Farms original pork sausages. I think the bacon was from Wellshire Farms too.

I love putting avocado on my eggs. We’ve recently become avocado obsessed: they’re a great source of healthy, monounsaturated fats.

The main dish: Cheesy Eggs. Fried and scrambled eggs are a breakfast staple at our house…the cheese was our weekend indulgence.

M bought a whole pineapple and cut it into chunks. We’re big on fruit in the mornings, but we usually eat berries of some sort. The pineapple was a tropical treat.

Breakfast is the best. For reals. I love waking up hungry for delicious breakfast foods. They say that eating breakfast is important because it helps boost your metabolism and it keeps you from overeating throughout the day. I like breakfast because it helps me get some protein in the A.M. and because there are so many different breakfast foods that I enjoy eating. Eating a healthy breakfast definitely keeps me on the healthy eating track for the rest of the day.


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