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We eat a lot of beef jerky at my house. It’s hard to find good beef jerky: most varieties are super expensive and/or contain MSG. Recently, we’ve been chowing on Trader Joe’s Organic Beef Jerky, but even that has added sugar (evaporated cane juice) and other stuff.

Mostly because we wanted to be in control of what was in our jerky, but also because our jerky habit was getting expensive, we purchased a relatively inexpensive food dehydrator. And then, I learnt how to dehydrate fruit, and implemented the same idea for them, too, for the pickles I wanted to try my hand at.

There will now be unlimited jerky in my future. Well, maybe not unlimited…My consumption of jerky will be directly related to my motivation to marinate flank steak.

I’m pretty excited about making my own dehydrated foods. Oh yes, I will be using this new toy for more than just jerky. I will be making tons of raw granola, macaroons, and nut crackers. I even bought a raw cook book (recommended by The Fitnessista’s Amazon store), Everyday Raw.

Everday Raw, by Matthew Kenney, has a ton of simple (ish), tasty-looking raw food recipes for the dehydrator including raw (also grain-free, and white sugar free) blueberry granola, chocolate ginger macaroons and raw chocolate chip cookies. There’s even a recipe for almond milk that I plan on attempting.

This dehydrator might be just the thing to get me back in the swing!

Does anyone else have one? If so, what do you use it for primarily?

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  1. imanokie.com August 13, 2010 at 5:02 PM #

    ooo making your own beef jerky! I love it! beef jerky is a big primal snack huh. That stuff is good too–might need to stock up on that!

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