To Breathe Convulsively or Laboriously

Gasp (gsp)

v. gasped, gasp·ing, gasps


1. To draw in the breath sharply, as from shock.
2. To breathe convulsively or laboriously.

Everyone has weeks where they fall out of their routine. This week was mine. I was in a food slump the first half of the week and a workout slump the second half. I’m attributing my “not care” attitude to the noticeable change in daylight hours. My vitamin D must be low. All of those hours working out in the sun over the summer have spoiled me.

I’ve kept myself moving everyday: daily movement is very important to me whether it be a walk on my lunch hour, or an intense workout. While I’ve been mostly walking this week, I did have a pretty hardcore workout on Wednesday. I’ve dubbed it The Great Gasp…because the only thing that got me through was my rhythmic gasping…

The Great Gasp

The warm-up:

Trunk/arm/leg swings

Double Under practice

Other stuff

The workout:

4 rounds for time 0f

5 Pull-ups (Unassisted! YAY!)

10 Kettlebell swings (the recipe was for 1.5 pood, but I used 1pd)

15 20″ Box jumps

20 Overhead Squats (I used the 45lb bar)

My time: 13:05

Boy oh boy. Overhead squats are tough, man. I swear that the only thing that kept the bar over my head was my strangely rhythmic mouth breathing. I wasn’t super out of breath for the rest of it, but for some reason, OHS turn me into loudest breather ever, hence the title of this post and the workout.

Looking back, I wish that I had used the 1.5pd kettlebell–1pd was plenty heavy, but I have this mental thing where I don’t feel like I really “did” the workout if I have to scale it at all…That’s something I need to get over. It’s all about the baby steps…right? Progression is the name of the game.

How has your week been? Any new, interesting workouts?

How do you feel about the change in daylight hours?

3 Responses to To Breathe Convulsively or Laboriously

  1. Bayley September 24, 2010 at 11:09 AM #

    I’m gonna do this workout today, thanks (stupid mainsite rest day). Will try to keep the gasping to a minimum.

    • AllieNic September 24, 2010 at 11:30 AM #

      It was a good one. For some reason I can’t breathe when I do OHS…or wall ball…Miss you lady.

      • Carole September 25, 2010 at 9:39 AM #

        I am thankful for my “happy light” as M2 calls it. I sit in front of it daily for 20 minutes and it seems to be making a difference in my disposition… ask M2. LY

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