Apple Butter: A Slow Cooker First

I really wasn’t kidding when I said  we picked a million apples.

We picked so many apples that I had more than enough to break out the slow cooker and make some of Eating Bird Food’s Apple Butter! I love me some good apple butter. Plus, I must confess that I’d owned a slow cooker for almost a year and I had never used it before.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity…mostly because all I had to do was core and slice the apples, dump all of the ingredients into the pot, and wait. We could call it Lazy Girl’s Apple Butter…

I followed the recipe for the most part, but substituted apple cider (fresh from Boyer’s Orchard!) for the apple juice. I used a little bit less cider too– about 1 1/2 cups instead of 2.

Having never used a slow cooker before, I was a little paranoid that I might set the house on fire. However, after 15 hours we were fire free and apple butter rich.

I plopped the apple mixture into the blender and mixed until smooth. There are now about seven jars of apple butter in my freezer anxiously awaiting the toast of my family and friends. (Don’t worry Titterton: you’ll get one!) I have to say–homemade apple butter is infinitely better than store bought!


3 Responses to Apple Butter: A Slow Cooker First

  1. dmarce October 22, 2010 at 8:26 PM #

    OMG! i dont know why i thought the apple butter process was difficult! we have farm apples that need something to do, and this might be it 🙂 see u tmw!

  2. Brittany October 25, 2010 at 8:26 PM #

    So glad the apple butter turned out well for you!!


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