That’s Not the Point

I have something I’ve been meaning to tell you…

I lied to you– I told you that there was a recipe for “paleo” pumpkin muffins on this site…there is not. There is no such thing as a paleo muffin. Paleolithic people did not eat muffins…

Paleolithic people did eat a wide range of real, whole, foods: foods that they hunted and gathered depending on their location and the season…they did not tie on aprons, whip out the coconut flour and get busy in the kitchen.

Melissa and Dallas at Whole9 wrote a poignant post about their growing dislike for things labeled “paleo.”

Check it out: Paleo-Schmaleo

If one is going to eat strictly paleo, then “Paleo” muffins completely miss the point. Eating a paleo diet is about eating real food. Grain-free muffins are a substitute– they fill a baked good void. Wouldn’t that void be better filled with something else? Something whole and real?

If one claims to follow a strict paleo lifestyle, one should have no need for a muffin substitute.

I don’t follow a strict, paleo lifestyle.  I do try to follow a grain-free, dairy-free lifestyle (save for some butter and hard cheeses now and then).

The important thing is not that you eat strictly paleo, but that you choose whole, real, foods that will nourish you. Everyone needs something different to flourish. The path to success is paved with broccoli and apples.

One Response to That’s Not the Point

  1. jessica November 7, 2010 at 1:46 PM #

    that is why i refuse to categorize myself. i try to eat the healthiest, most real foods as often as possible. no rules….

    i love reading the daily apple though and get tons of great information from what mark writes : )

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