Hamburger Mess

One of my favorite  things to eat is what I like to call a “Hamburger Mess.” Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like: a hamburger or turkey burger topped with hundreds of delicious toppings…well, maybe not hundreds, bu usually a bunch!

The weather was fairly nice in Boston over the weekend, so M and I decided to do some pre-Spring grilling. We made a special trip to Dom’s to pick up some delicious hamburgers and we grilled them up for a hearty, meaty, delicious lunch!

I fried two eggs over medium while M grilled the burgers.

Then we whipped up a quick Lemony Kale Salad to go with our burger mess.


We put some guacamole on top,

and then we were good to go!

We had some slim pickins in our fridge, otherwise I would have added some sweet potato and a bunch of bacon! Sarah at Everyday Paleo made some Fun-Burgers that look pretty amazing! She topped hers with egg, bacon, sweet potato and broccoli!

Chester was jealous.

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One Response to Hamburger Mess

  1. Craig@cspinhealthy March 16, 2011 at 6:59 PM #

    Love me a hamburger with egg! Solid!!!!

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