Things I Read To Stay Grounded (Vol. 4)

  • As We Get Fatter, Gov’t Considers Larger Busses I read this article over someone’s shoulder on the Train. Federal Transit Administration proposed “calculating an additional quarter of a square foot per passenger for its testing procedures”. I’m not sure if this means that bus seats will get bigger, or if the maximum number of passengers will be lowered. Wouldn’t we rather be spending money on obesity prevention and education?
  • Boloco Starts Making Guac from Scratch! One of my favorite burrito restaurants in the Boston area is now making fresh guacamole from scratch everyday! As a lover of guac, I have to say, this is very exciting. Boloco’s guacamole is made with avocados, red onion, lime juice, cilantro, jalapeno and salt– so simple and delicious!
  • Good Magazine’s article “Was the Paleolithic Diet Really Better” asks the questions “was eating during the Paleolithic period really healthier than the modern human diet? Or is the problem with highly processed, energy-dense,  nutrient-poor foods?” (Source)
  • The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball. I’m just finishing up this book– it is so good! I couldn’t put it down. Kristin tells the story of how she left NYC for a farmer she instantly feel in love with and moved to rural upstate New York to start Essex Farm: a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) organic farm. The coolest thing about this farm is that they provide all of the food for their members: meats, vegetables, maple syrup– everything! The second coolest part about this farm is that it’s across Lake Champlain from where I grew up! I actually used to work on the Ferry that travels across the lake to Essex! (Source)

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