I Might Have Cured My Black Thumb

I used to tell everyone I have a black thumb. Kind of the opposite of a green thumb. Mostly because I tend to let house plants shrivel and wither away into a pot of brown, stringy leaves, which I let sit for months and months until I can admit to myself that I’ve killed yet another plant.

In addition to my salad pact, I made the pact with myself to grow some plants this year. Herbs specifically. My dream is to have a garden full of kale, beets and pumpkins and to live on a farm with a cow and some chickens. Living in the city, we just don’t have the space for cows and pumpkins right now.

So I’ll start with herbs and see how it goes.

The herbs. Cilantro (for guacamole and other delicious Tex-Mexy things), oregano & rosemary (not sure what I’ll use these for yet, but they were pretty, so I bought them), and two basil plants (for pesto and general everyday eating). I was really excited that I could find all organic herby plants!

The dirt. Also organic.

Let me see if I got this right. First the dirt…

Then the plants.

I even added some organic fertilizer to really make sure my black thumb is gone for good.

I did some wicker beautifying

From flaky white to ivy green.

Green Wicker in action:

Do you have a garden? Herb or vegetable? What kinds of things do your green thumbs grow?

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