Hot Tea + Ice = Iced Tea

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While in Martha’s Vineyard, my Ant Sal made a trip to a farmer’s market and picked me up some delicious tea.

Yes, this really was the view from the porch of the house where we stayed.

Up-Island Herbal Tea from Vineyard Herbs.

So many herbs and red clovers! When I was younger (and lived in the country) I used to eat red clovers all the time. You can pluck the little petals and suck out the nectar–nature is pretty sweet.

I boiled some water and let my tea ball steep for about 10 minutes in a mug.

I put an entire ice cube tray into my favorite, giant Mason jar,

and then poured the tea over ice.

Hot tea over ice = Iced Tea.

My favorite thing about this tea is the huge chunks of herbs. The spearmint is a little overpowering, but all in all, a good cup of tea. The label says it’s a dietary herbal supplement and the website says it’s for menopause, osteoporosis, anxiety, and for memory. I’m not sure about the former, but I will definitely be using it for the latter: anxiety and memory.

I think Herbology is cool. And by Herbology I mean that class Harry Potter takes. You know, the one with the plants whose roots are crying babies.

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