Jumpstart Your Health with a New Fall Program!

New Fall Program!

I’m really excited to announce a new fall program:
21 Day Return to Nourishment!

Sign up soon: there are only 8 slots available!

Click Here to Sign Up for this Amazing Opportunity!

Sign up for this program if you want:

  • Increased energy
  • Freedom from your preoccupations with food
  • A healthier digestive system
  • Relief from systemic inflammation
  • To lose your sugar addiction
  • More peace of mind about your food choices

How does this program work? These are the things you’ll get:

  • An individual phone consult to discuss your goals and customize your program.
  • An informational PDF guide including sample meal plans, shopping lists and recipes.
  • Recorded classes on everything from anti-inflammatory diets to cravings.
  • Weekly Q&A conference calls that will address your individual issues and obstacles.
  • Daily motivational emails to lift your spirits and keep your head in the game.
  • Unlimited email support for the duration of the program.
  • An online forum to get encouragement from your fellow nourishers.
  • A Return to Nourishment Kit with helpful tools and goodies.

Is it complicated?

  • Nope! You will be guided every step of the way.
  • You’ll be eating whole, real foods including lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and seeds—that doesn’t sound too hard, does it?
  • The whole program takes place over the phone and through your computer so it can be done anytime, anywhere that is convenient for you.

Why is it called the 21 Day Return to Nourishment?

It takes about 14 days to heal your gut after exposure to inflammatory foods and closer to 21 days to start developing sustainable new habits.

The goal of this cleanse is to get you on track for changing your life—to get you thinking of food as nourishment. Food can change everything. You have the power to change your entire body by changing what you eat.

The 21 Day Return to Nourishment will support you to develop habits that will nourish your body and last much longer than the 21 day cleanse.

Why accountability?

Changing your eating habits can be hard. If it were easy, everyone would be eating kale omelets and seaweed salads. Having a professional to hold you accountable can give you that extra push to make change.

I am here to support you and to lift you up during your rough moments. I’ve been through this kind of change and I know what kind of support people need when trying to make lasting diet and lifestyle modifications.

When does it start?

The 21 Day Return to Nourishment officially starts on Monday, October 3rd, with a prep period (including participant consultations) starting Wednesday September 28th. The last day to register for this program is Wednesday, September 28th.

How do I get started?

The cost of the program is $195.00—this includes everything: all recorded calls, materials and unlimited email and online forum support.

Be an Early Bird and Sign up before Sunday, September 18th and it’s only $145.00. You Save $50.00!

Click Here to Sign Up for this Amazing Opportunity!

Remember, there are only 8 slots, so make sure to sign up soon!
Feel free to email me at AllisonNichols.HC@gmail.com or give me a call at (339) 545-1321 with any questions.

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