The Great Squash Coincidence of 2011

A strange thing happened yesterday.

I sent an email out to the wonderful group of women in the Return to Nourishment forum asking “what’s for dinner?”

The response? Acorn Squash.

Seriously. All but one of us in the group had acorn squash for dinner, and the one who didn’t had acorn squash in her garden waiting to be picked for future dinners.

Coincidence? Maybe– acorn squash (along with other winter squashes) is in season right now. BUT I like to think it’s because we’re all connected on a higher level.

Creepy? Maybe…

Simple roasted acorn squash: I cut the squash into eighths, placed skin-side down on a lightly greased pan and roasted for 40 minutes at 400 F

Not only are acorn squash delicious, they’re also pretty good for you.

Winter squashes are really high in antioxidants like carotenoids. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and they can help regulate blood sugar. So winter squashes, like acorn, butternut and kabocha, are perfect for a fall cleanse.

We ate our acorn squash with a side of broccoli and grilled steak tips for some protein ‘n’ green.

What is your favorite winter squash?

I think mine’s butternut, but this acorn was a pretty close second…

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