NEW! The Frisky Lemon Eat Well Bootcamp!

Dear You,
How are you? I hope that you’re having a wonderful day!
What’s new in your world? How are you doing with those weight loss goals?
What’s that, you say? It’s tough to motivate?
You want to feel in control of what you eat, but not overly obsessive like you’re on a diet? You want to lift the burden of having to lose weight? To feel relief? To feel alive?
You know what you should be doing to lose weight and get healthy, but for some reason you’re not doing it?
Let me help you bridge that gap.
I have the perfect program for you. It’s designed as an intense revamping of your nutrition to get your booty into shape and motivate you to make permanent change.
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The Frisky Lemon Eat Well Bootcamp!

The six-week Eat Well Bootcamp is a one-on-one, private health coaching program that will whip your lifestyle into shape.

We meet every week for 30 minutes to chat about nutrition, your goals, what’s going well and what you need to work on. I’ll be your nutrition Drill Sergeant and your personal Cheerleader–stern and serious about supporting you, but also cheering you on and making the process fun.

As a client in this program you are to lose weight, completely change your outlook on  weight loss and develop piece of mind around your food choices.

This program is perfect if you’re ready to…

  • Start making change.
  • Dial in your nutrition.
  • Kick off your weight loss
  • Be held accountable.
  • Get some serious support.
  • Do all of the above in only six weeks!

This deeply focused program will give you that extra push toward reaching your weight loss goals and developing lasting habits.

Sound good? Okay! Let’s get started!

Your next step: Contact me for a free initial consultation

Need more information? Check this out or Contact Me with any questions.

I’m looking forward to supporting you to reach your weight loss goals and have the body you’ve always wanted!

Eat Kale and Be Happy,



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