Return to Nourishment Wrap Up!

The last official day of the Return to Nourishment Fall Cleanse was yesterday.

It’s been an amazing journey! We all gained insight into our eating habits (and sugary cravings) and saw really inspiring results!

Just to re-cap: the Return to Nourishment Program is a 21 day guided whole food cleanse. We focused on eliminating grains, legumes, dairy and added sugars for 14 days (the minimum amount of time it takes to start to heal one’s digestive system). Nourishers had the option of adding back gluten-free grains during the last 7 days of the cleanse, but surprisingly only two people opted to do this! The whole food cleanse was so effective that most everyone decided to continue well beyond the 14 days!

The goal of the Return to Nourishment was to get ready for the winter by healing the digestive tract, eating seasonal vegetables and shedding excess. Whole food cleanses are great not only for detoxifying the system, but they lend themselves to being sustainable–you can definitely develop long-term healthy habits by sticking to a cleanse for a few weeks!

Here is what some of my lovely ladies are saying about the Return to Nourishment: 

“I’m absolutely amazed that I don’t have cravings anymore!” –C

“Thank you so much, Allison, for the last three weeks.  I have continued to feel very good throughout the diet…I have lost 6.5 pounds, which also feels great.” –P

“The Cleanse has been great.  I have been feeling much better than before I started it. I notice a change in the way my pants fit so I think that I have lost some belly fat!” –S

The Return to Nourishment has been such an eye-opening experience–even for me, and it wasn’t a huge departure from my regular eating habits!

If you’re interested in participating in a fully guided and supported whole food cleanse, I will be running another cleanse after the holiday season in January! The perfect time to get rid of the weight and excess that you accrue over the holidays!

Contact me if you’d like to reserve a spot now or if you need more information!

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