7 Thanksgiving Tips to Keep Your Head on Straight

I don’t know about you, but I’m all about Thanksgiving. I love the food, the company and the spirit of Turkey Day. Getting together with my family and friends over a delicious meal is something I look forward to every November.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I usually leave the Thanksgiving dinner table feeling totally stuffed and totally uncomfortable.

I get possessed by a food demon like the girl in The Exorcist. I want to eat everything in sight–I can literally feel my head spin all the way around.

In order to help you keep your head on straight when confronted with a table full of food, I’ve devised 7 tips to get through the holiday–sans pea soup explosion.

7 Thanksgiving Tips to Keep Your Head on Straight:

  1. Get moving in the AM. I love getting some exercise in first thing Thanksgiving morning–call it working up an appetite! Making sure to get that movement into your day can help empower you to make healthy choices throughout the day. Go walking with some family, or try a Turkey Day Tabata.
  1. Go for the Turkey first. Make sure to fill up on the good stuff first–good stuff being protein! Protein will not only fill you up, it will help keep you satisfied longer than the stuffing and the sweet potatoes. Prioritize protein and veggies.
  1. Take only two flavors each time you refill your plate. When you fill your plate, stick with two kinds of food. If you cut back on the variety of flavors on your plate, your taste buds will be less stimulated. You’ll be more likely to get full on the good stuff and to listen to your hunger.
  1. Save alcoholic beverages for after dinner. Choose water while you’re at the dinner table–drinking a little water with your meal can help digestion. Drinking alcohol can lower inhibitions and kinda sorta maybe encourage you to eat more. Stick with water during the meal and save the cocktails for after dinner.
  1. Bring a healthy dessert. Bringing a dessert has duel benefits: 1) You’ll be able to enjoy a delicious grain-free, white sugar-free goody and 2) your host will think you’re even MORE awesomer! Try my pumpkin pielettes for a new twist on your usual pumpkin pie.
  1. Focus on the company. What do we always say comes first? Family! Thanksgiving is all about family. Well…family and sweet potatoes, but family first. Make a goal to have a real quality conversation with a family member you don’t see often.
  1. Remember: the food isn’t what makes Thanksgiving special.  Technically you can eat turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce whenever you want to–not just on that special Thursday in November. Family, friends and togetherness are what makes Thanksgiving special. So remember what you’re grateful for and feel free to roast a Turkey in April.

Now that you have these tips in mind, you will definitely enjoy Thanksgiving.  You’ll  leave the table with your head on straight and without feeling totally stuffed. You’ll probably have the best Thanksgiving ever…just saying.

Thanksgiving is just the beginning of many holidays to come this year. It can be a tough time of year to stick with your health goals.

If you’re ready to take control of how the holidays treat you, if you’re ready to come out on top in January, I’m here to help!

Contact me to set up your Nutrition Discovery Session, or to start a conversation

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2 Responses to 7 Thanksgiving Tips to Keep Your Head on Straight

  1. Melissa "Melicious" Joulwan November 15, 2011 at 11:42 AM #

    Thanks for the shout out to the Turkey Tabata workout! And happy early turkey day to you!

    • AllieNic November 15, 2011 at 3:20 PM #

      Why thank you! Happy early Turkey day! I’m looking forward to all of your Thanksgiving recipes 😉

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