Thanksgiving: The Aftermath

So. How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

Mine was good. Lots of family, lots of friends…lots of food.

Lots of food.

Did I mention there was lots of food?

I have to admit that I ate too much. I ate too much multiple days in a row.

Now I’m feeling the aftermath.

But it’s different this time around.

In the past I would have been really upset about eating too much. I would have put myself on some crazy diet–I probably would have attempted to fast for a day and then eat as little as possible all the while killing myself on the elliptical machine.

It’s different this time around.

On Sunday, instead of getting upset, I took a deep breath and reminded myself of how thankful I am for my body.

I forgave myself for eating so much: it was Thanksgiving after all.

I’ve got everything under control and I feel content about it. 

How did I do it? Well,  it wasn’t hard.

I grabbed a piece of paper that I knew I wouldn’t lose and wrote down some things.

  • I planned my workouts of the week–including rest days. Strength on Monday, body weight work and metcon on Tuesday, strength and metcon on Wednesday, etc.
  • I made out a shopping list so that I could prepare some veggie heavy meals over the next few days. (Eating lots of veggies helps me feel lighter and more like myself)

I also pulled out some of my favorite Louise Hay affirmations on put them on Post-Its all over my office and my bedroom mirror.

“Healing begins with love for myself and love for every part of my body”

“I am always learning and growing”

“My potential is unlimited”

Having a plan helps me feel in control and empowered. 

After I finished my plan, I worked on my Winter Resilience Detox program.

I’m honestly really excited about this program–working on it keeps me motivated to make healthy choices.

It’s really important to me that I walk my talk and believe in my programs and myself. Let me tell you: this is a program that I truly believe in.

It’s a tried and true way to get back to normal after a crazy holiday season.

If the words above resonate with you, you should strongly consider signing up.

This detox program has the power to change not only your diet, but how you feel about food. It can change your entire outlook.

I’m serious–it’s like magic. Well, magic with a little hard work and dedication. Clients tell me this all the time.

So if you’re interested, email me, or just sign up.

Register before December 31st and you’ll get a special Early Bird Discount.

Visit this page for more details, or email me to get started!

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