My Skin Tells a Different Story or How Excited I am to Feel Normal After the Holidays

One of the most important things to me as a health counselor is walking my talk.

You know–Living the recommendations that I give to my clients.

How do you know they work if you don’t live them yourself?

  • I eat green veggies pretty much every day.
  • I listen to my body and eat when I’m hungry.
  • I exercise regularly.
  • I give in to my cravings every now and again…
  • I believe in what I do.

For the most part, my body reflects that.

Except for,occasionally, my skin.

Read any book about Paleo and it will say that acne is an inflammatory condition caused by your immune response to gut irritation. Breakouts are an indication of a food intolerance.

I’ve been indulging my cravings for sugary, (sometimes gluten-y) holiday treats a lot during the past few weeks, and (not to be gross) it shows on my face.

I can’t really be the health role model that I want to be with a giant zit on my chin. Especially when I know that this zit is a reaction to what I’ve been eating aka how I’ve been treating my body. It’s hard to show my zitty face places where I’m regarded as a nutrition/health professional.

In order to address this problem, I  have to work on healing from the inside out.

It’s okay though. I have a plan.

A “Bounce Back from the Holidays” plan. ( A Winter Resilience plan?)

I need to get back to my normal routine and I find that the best way for me to do that is to just DO it, already.

That’s why I’m honestly looking forward to the Winter Resilience Detox.

I’ll be whole-food-cleansing along with all of the lovely participants because:

  1. It’s important for me to walk my talk,
  2. It’s more fun to run a guided cleanse when you’re going through it too,
  3. I actually NEED it to feel normal again: to get my healthy skin back, to have more energy and to feel lighter.

The weeks since Thanksgiving have been a roller coaster for me. Normal, “on track” eating during the weeks and sugar highs on the weekends (from natural sugars, but still sugars).

I’m looking forward to this detox as a way to get my life back in order— everything seems so much easier when you’ve got the diet/eating  thing under control.

Clear skin will be nice too.

So that’s my plan. I’m pretty confident that it’s going to work.  I do have experience in this area, after all 😉

Want to join me? Great! You can read more about the 14 day Winter Resilience Detox here and Contact Me or email to sign up.

Sign up before Midnight on December 31st EST to take advantage of the Early Bird Special price.

Want to learn more? Awesome! You can Contact Me, or sign up for the Bounce Back from the Holiday Sugar Blues Teleclass. I’ll be talking more about the Detox program on the call, and even giving you a special gift just for signing up!

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