{Winter Resilience Detox} Wrappin’ it on up…

Yesterday was {Day 14}

The lovely ladies of the Winter Resilience Detox have made some amazing changes in their lives.

  • We had a Crossfitter who started craving avocado instead of sugar.
  • A former NCAA Division I Cross Country and Track athlete who had the lightest, most energizing long run ever.
  • A vegan who cleared her skin eating more raw veggies (yes, this detox can be tailored to any eating style…including vegans).
  • One woman even lost 6 pounds over the course of two weeks while choosing foods that filled and satisfied her.

I’m always sad when a program like this ends…especially this one: there was so much love and support flowing through our online forum. Strong women thoughtfully sharing their experiences– their triumphs and their struggles.

I’m going to miss all of that excited energy.


For me, anytime I choose to whole-food-cleanse I’m pleasantly surprised by how I feel and what things I notice about myself.

Even though I’m relatively in tune with my body and my food/ life needs on a regular basis, participating in an intensive program like this always reveals new and good things.

Here are some of the good things I felt after my 14 Day Winter Resilience Detox:

  • My usually-tight-after-a-heavy-squat-day jeans are not so tight. My clothes feel better.
  • I wake up naturally and start my morning invigorated. I’m sleeping better.
  • I got a new 1olb PR on my 1 rep max in the shoulder press. I pressed 100lbs. I’m recovering from my workouts better.
  • I made home cooked meals 10/14 days, which is a big deal for me. I’m cooking more better.
  • I feel a lightness and motivation that permeates everything I do. I have more energy. Better.
  • Most aspects of my life seem…better.

I’m so happy with how I feel after this detox!

I’m motivated to keep this momentum going. I’m setting a goal to keep this up for  another two weeks. I have a feeling this magic trick is going to last much longer than that, but I want to be realistic and set another two week benchmark goal.

So that’s the nitty gritty.

I hope to be sharing the experiences of some of the lovely ladies of the Winter Resilience Detox later this week!

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