{Winter Resilience Detox} “Losing 6 pounds in two weeks was also a huge plus, not one I had counted on.”

Here’s what Mary Frances, another lovely lady of the Winter Resilience Detox, had to say about her experience:

What positive changes did you notice? I have a nice natural energy. I’m not a hyper person – I don’t use caffeine, nicotine or alcohol, but previously after eating lunch, I used to experience a drop – as if I needed a nap. Now eating few/no carbs, and no sugar, I feel wonderful. I was also surprised that my usual morning nasal stuffiness is gone.  Losing 6 pounds in two weeks was also a huge plus, not one I had counted on. And I was truly NEVER hungry.

How would you describe Allison as a health coach? Fabulous! You were clear from the beginning to the end of the process, making it sound doable and even fun. The communication was reassuring and I loved the festive little care package that arrived. Your reading lists and references were all helpful – the blogs and some of the recipes were definitely keepers. I appreciated the personal emails asking how I was really doing apart from the group chat and your answers to my questions were honest and helpful.

— Mary Frances C., Delray Beach, FL


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