{Guest Post} How Cancer Patients Can Beat Emotional Strain with Healthy Eating

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Today we have a special guest post from Katrina Evans!

Katrina recently graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in creative writing. She is an aspiring health and wellness writer looking to make a difference in people’s lives. Seeing how devastating cancer can be for people and their families, Katrina wants to provide as much support as possible. She also likes running, reading and listening to cool podcasts. She can be reach by email at nutritiondiva.katrina@gmail.com


How Cancer Patients Can Beat Emotional Strain with Healthy Eating

The process of cancer recovery is long and arduous, marked with challenges to the patient’s physical, emotional and mental health. Cancer treatments, specifically chemotherapy or surgeries, can place heavy demands on the body, often leaving the patient in a state of weakness and reduced optimism. Frequent trips to the doctor’s office and pathology labs sap the very energy that the body needs to heal. Alternative cancer treatment is tolerated much easier.

Nutrition plays a vital role in the cancer patient’s ability to meet these new demands. Cancer patients can rely on optimal nutrition to beat emotional strain and fortify their bodies.

Cancer patients should view food as nourishment. Nutrition is directly linked to physical, emotional and mental health. For example, history and science have shown conclusively that a lack of sufficient Vitamin C induces scurvy, alcohol abuse and can cause depression. Besides that, Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to mental confusion. Both related to nutritional habits. So, every meal time should be considered an opportunity for a cancer patient to introduce vital nutrients into the body.

Cancer patients can improve nutrition awareness by paying attention to signals that the body emits after mealtimes. Considering the way one feels after ingesting various foods can go a long way toward realizing which foods increase energy and feelings of well-being improving overall quality of life.

Wholesome, natural foods provide an army of vitamins and minerals that battle cancer. According to the American Association for Cancer Research, cabbage contains micronutrients that protect against several types of cancers from breast cancer to even lung cancer. In particular, broccoli may inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells. Mushrooms have recently been found to contain polysaccharides, which also impede tumor growth.

Because proper nutrition is so vital to cancer patients, it is recommended that they receive professional diet and health counseling so that the individual’s specific requirements can be addressed. Through health counseling, food can become the cancer patient’s best medicine.

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