Yeasty Bacteria. The New Love of My Life.

I’ve been eating Bubbies ‘kraut for breakfast (along with eggs and greens) for a few weeks now…and I feel great.

I think my skin is clearer.

I think my digestion is better.

I think I’m in love with fermented foods.

I may or may not be attempting to grow my own SCOBY in a dark cupboard right now.

I would probably attempt fermenting other things if the SCOBY directions hadn’t said: “don’t ferment this thing near other things you’re fermenting.”

There’s only so much space in my tiny apartment that I’m willing to dedicate to bacteria.

Just wanted to share.

(Pictured above: pastured eggs fried in coconut oil, blueberries, strawberries and ‘kraut: part of this complete breakfast)

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