{Nutritional Reset Whole Food Cleanse} I have much more bounce and lightness in my muscles!

Thinking about joining the Spring Nutritional Reset? Wondering what you’ll get out of the program? Here’s a fantastic interview with one of my former whole food cleansers from the Winter Resilience Detox:

What were you looking to get out of the cleanse when you first signed up?

I wanted to try something new.I knew lots of people who had done the cleanse before and suggested it. I think I’ve always known, because I’ve been a runner for so long, about the type of fuel you put in your body.  I was looking for a way to reset myself and the cleanse seemed like a good place to start with with that. I wasn’t looking to lose weight, but I wanted more energy. I work a lot in a high stress environment and I play hard, so I wanted more energy during the day.

What changes have you noticed since completing the whole food cleanse?

My body feels completely different when I am exercising. I notice it a little bit less in the day to day, but I don’t have the severe energy rashes in the afternoon when I’m at work any more and my body feels lighter– like I have much more bounce and lightness in my muscles when I’m running. I don’t really feel like I’m slogging or pounding through a run anymore.

What tangible results have you had?

Less mucous! I have more energy. I feel more aware of my moods and my energy levels. When I’m tired, I know that I’m tired because I didn’t get enough sleep and not because the foods I’m eating are making me feel like crap.

Hannah N. is the Talent Manager for a health non-profit in Boston, MA. She is also a former NCAA Division I Track and Field athlete.

Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset

21 Day Whole Food Cleanse

Are you ready for a fresh start this spring?

Cleanse yourself of winter toxins and excess weight

Rejuvenate your body, feel lighter and clearer

with a 21 day whole food cleanse

Virtual group program starts May 7th

The Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset is a whole food cleanse based on the Paleo Framework. Gluten, grains, dairy and legumes (notoriously inflammatory foods) will be eliminated for 21 days. You’ll  be eating whole, real foods including lots of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, nuts and seeds to get your internal system in working order after the winter. That doesn’t sound too hard, does it? You can read more about the cleanse program here!

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