Chickpea-less Hummus: A Taste of the Middle East, Paleo Style

The pictures don’t do this dish justice.

For all you know, I filled this bowl with a clay face mask and told you it was hummus. It IS hummus. Of the chickpea-less variety.

This recipe came from Fit Foodie Denise Costello. Denise is a RN and the brains behind The Energized Body in Winchester, MA.  Denise runs a fantastic Nutrition Bootcamp group out of her home in Winchester. She also makes some seriously delicious dark chocolate goji bark.

I first tried this recipe in the kitchen of Denise herself. I was honored to give a Paleo Nutrition talk to the ladies of her advanced Nutrition Bootcamp.

This stuff is crazy-good. I made it for the Crossfit H2O 1st Anniversary Cookout over the weekend, and it was a hit.

Raw Chickpea-less Hummus (from the Energized Body, adapted from Kimberly Snyder)

2 zucchinis chopped

3/4 cup tahini

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (it took me 1 1/2 lemons)

3 garlic cloves, chopped

2 ½ tsp sea salt

Put all of the ingredients in the blender, and blend until smooth.

Serve with baby carrots, celery, red pepper slices…any crispy veggie.

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