Sometimes I eat fruit for breakfast…just fruit.

It’s true.

Breakfast can be difficult.

First there’s the waking up thing– and I guess the sleeping well thing comes even before that.

Then there’s the being hungry thing.

And finally, the time to cook thing.

More often than not, I’m not hungry when I wake up.

So sometimes I skip breakfast.

That’s okay with me. I’m listening to my body’s internal cues as opposed to the external cues of “it’s breakfast time” and “that scientific study said I should eat breakfast.”

I hate the word “should” when it comes to food. Plus, skipping meals is something that our bodies can handle quite well, as long as you have a good emotional relationship with food. When I’m hungry for breakfast, I eat eggs. Lately it’s been eggs fried or scrambled in coconut oil or grass-fed butter, greens and raw sauerkraut.

I feel best when I get some protein and vegetables in the morning.

But, sometimes I eat fruit for breakfast…just fruit. Well, usually fruit and some almond butter.

You might worry about my blood sugar with all of this fruit. I’m not too worried. (P.s The meal pictured above was shared by two people…M and me.)

Sometimes a fruit breakfast is what works for me. In terms of time and in terms of what I’m craving for my first meal.

When I eat fruit for breakfast, I make sure to get all of my protein needs met by lunch, PWO meals, dinner and snacks (aka. the rest of my meals).

Listening to my body first thing in the morning helps me to continue listening for the rest of the day. So for me, having the breakfast that my body is asking for is important. Usually my body asks for healthy foods first thing in the AM– so I have no problem giving it what it wants.

What does your body want in the morning in terms of food? Do you have a breakfast routine? Or do you change it up everyday?

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