Blueberry Chicken Sausages & How I eat boring stuff sometimes

We’re on day four of the Spring Nutritional Reset.

I’m noticing a pattern.

I’ve been eating boring stuff.

I don’t know why.

Maybe I think boring stuff is safe?

What does safe mean anyway?

I feel like I’ve been rotating through an endless cycle of chicken, greens, eggs, sauerkraut and baby carrots.

I think it’s because I’ve been busy. AND that I’ve actually taken time to prepare things.

I cooked like 45 chicken breasts to have for salads and post workout meals.

So I have to eat them, right? I can’t just leave them in the fridge to get grey.

My goal for the second week of the cleanse is to get WAY more creative with my meals. Less chicken on salad, more steak with a side of grilled asparagus. That sounds like a good plan, no?

In an effort to not eat another boneless, skinless chicken breast, I picked up these blueberry chicken sausages from Whole Foods.

I like buying sausage at Whole Foods because they make it in-house. With no preservatives.

I’d never seen blueberry chicken sausage before. I was intrigued…and couldn’t leave the store without buying it. It was so pretty…and I had no idea what it would taste like. Learn more here how to choose proper sausages.

It was pretty amazing. The blueberries were the perfect contrast to the sausage-ness of the chicken.

I whipped up a quick salad of lettuce greens, watercress, avocado, red pepper, almonds and balsamic vinegar with olive oil.


I promise next week I’ll post some more exciting recipes….cross my heart.

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