{Friday Musings} Battlescar Galactica

Get it?! Battlescar?Like war wound?

Now, I’m not talking real battle scars. I’m talking workout wears and tears. Literally.

I have this problem where I let my callouses (is that a word?) build up and then they tear off. It usually happens in the middle of a workout. I usually don’t notice until the workout is over. This particular tear happened during Helen last fall.

I’m currently sporting this palm-mole from a burpee pull-up workout I did earlier this week. Every time I look down at my hand, I think there’s a bug on it. Every time.

It’s not bad. It could have been bad. I doesn’t hurt as much as my elbow hurts from walking into that door yesterday…with my elbow.

Most often than hand blisters, I have bar bites on my shins and bruises on my shoulders from cleaning and jerking. I kind of like having some surface wears and tears: I like to work hard, and I don’t mind if I have some minor blemishes to show for it.

My workout wounds are no where NEAR as intense as those I’ve seen out there on the internet. Mel Okerby’s hand tear during the Crossfit Games 2011 North East Regional is what immediately comes to mind.  You can watch a video of her being awesome here.  OR Talayna Fortunato’s hands after the 2012 South East Regional is also gruesome and gross.

Are you proud of your workout wounds? What do they mean to you?

Of course, I’m taking about surface blemishes here– wounds that will heal in a matter of days, not injuries that will keep you out of the game for weeks…


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