{Friday Musings} Pull-Up Goals and Kipping Contraptions

Last week I wrote about how I sometimes tear my hands open.

This week, I’m writing about how I’ve make provisions so that I can rip my hands open more often.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a WOD that brought me back to reality. The reality that I need to work on some stuff.

Pull-ups in particular.

I’m happy to say that I have a plan in place to get better at pull-ups.

This plan involves a homemade pull-up rig.

M made it for me for my birthday.

On that day, I walked through the door to see a triangle shaped box from Rogue on the coffee table. I squealed, even though I didn’t know what it was. Who needs to know? It’s from Rogue!

We thought it might fit in the basement with the weights, but the ceiling is just too low. So, M decided to build a mobile pullup rig.

If you didn’t know, which you probably didn’t, M is pretty good when it comes to building crazy workout contraptions.

Last fall he built adult monkey bars.

They start out flat, and then incline. At the highest point, you’re about 17 feet off the ground. The end is a flying pull-up ladder. It’s pretty cool.

So building a moveable pull-up bar thingy was a piece of cake.

The cool thing is that it two people can fold it up and slide it under the deck.

I also invested in some bands to assist my butt in getting some dead hang pull-ups.

I’m really going to use this stuff. I promise. It’s not going to be like that time I said I’d do yoga every morning, or that time I said I’d practice soccer drills every afternoon (both of which were during high school…).

I’m motivated to get better at things I’m not good at. Especially when it comes to Crossfit-like activities. It must be because I like it, or something.

I think that this Crossfit thing just might stick.


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