{Client Success Story} I have realized that if I can better nurture all the other nourishment in my life, then my food won’t control me.

I’m always happy to share a client success story with you. This one is from Jen, who was a part of my 6 month Nutrition Rewire program. Jen is an Assistant Principal and a former Mrs. United States from Reading, MA.

What were the initial reasons and specific concerns you had as well as the benefits you were hoping to achieve in our program, before we actually began working together?

I was obsessed with my weight and eating patterns and constantly jumping from diet to diet. I have been the diet industry’s dream!!

What overall positive changes in your health and well-being have you noticed since starting your health coaching program?

I feel like I have a completely different view of food and it’s role in my life. I have recognized that I had the chicken and the egg thing backwards (not to use a food pun!!). I thought that if I controlled my diet better my life would feel more in control, and I have realized that if I can better nurture (not control) all the other nourishment in my life, then my food won’t control me.

What tangible results have you seen since starting your 6 month program?

The most tangible results have been in my food choices – I have broadened my repertoire of vegetables and healthy fats and I have broken out of the mold of specific breakfast. lunch and dinner foods and recognized that food is food no matter the time of day – a sweet potato for breakfast – yum! I also just feel better emotionally about where I am – I don’t feel the constant obsession and guilt around my nutrition.

Jen accomplished some really amazing things in her 6 month Nutrition Rewire program. It was such an honor and a pleasure to work with her and support her to reach her goals.

Interested in talking about how I can support you to reach your goals? Contact me at AllisonNichols.HC@gmail.com or sign up for a Private Nutrition Discovery Session.

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