New Summer Nutrition Bootcamp | Join on your own, or with a friend!

A New, Exclusive Summer Program!

Join the six-week Summer Nutrition Bootcamp!

Summer is the perfect time to make permanent change in your life.

In this fast-paced nutrition bootcamp, we’ll take advantage of the warm weather, the longer days and the seasonal foods to support you to reach your goals in a way that’s fun, and lasting!

This deeply focused program is ideal for giving you that extra push toward reaching your weight loss goals and developing lasting habits over the warm, summer months.

Join on your own, or with a friend! Just choose the buddy option on the sign up page

The Summer Nutrition Bootcamp can be done on your own,

or with a friend.

Start anytime you like! This program runs on your schedule.

This program is perfect if you’re ready to…

  • Change your life and your weight for good.
  • Get an introduction to the Paleo Lifestyle
  • Dial in your nutrition to reach your fitness and life goals.
  • Kick off your weight loss in a way that’s freeing
  • Be held accountable by a nutrition professional
  • Get intensive support throughout the entire program.
  • Do all of the above in only six weeks!

Your personalized program will radically improve your health and happiness. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

As a member of this six-week intensive program, I will support you to…

  • Set realistic and attainable weight loss goals
  • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight
  • Integrate personalized dietary changes into your growing, changing lifestyle
  • Increase your energy
  • Get rid of your sugar addiction once and for all!

This concierge coaching program is personal and exclusive—you get my undivided attention (lucky!).

You can start this program anytime you’d like.

It’s based around your schedule so that it’s easy and convenient

You’ll be on my radar 24/7 with unlimited email support

and 5 coaching calls over the course of the program.

Click Here to Register!

Got to: ONLINE STORE > Contracts and Packages and choose the Summer Nutrition Bootcamp Payment Option that you want.

How it works:

  • Before you sign up, we have One, 60 minute Initial Session in which we discuss you current lifestyle, your health and fitness goals and your plan to Revamp, Reactivate, Realign and Revitalize. (In the Buddy Option, each person gets their own Initial Session). ($50.00 value)
  • Four, 50 minute Check- In Sessions (one session a week) to talk about your progress and what’s working for you. (These sessions are 90 minutes with the buddy option) ($360.00 value)
  • One, 50 minute Final Session to make a concrete plan to ensure your continued success. (This session is 90 minutes with the buddy option) ($90.00 value)
  • All of our sessions conveniently are held over the phone or by Skype to maximize your time.
  • You’ll receive informational handouts and helpful worksheets to further your nutritional knowledge
  • As a bonus, you also get 24/7 email support between sessions! ($125.00 value)

It takes a significant amount of time to make sustainable changes stick. Getting this intensive support for six weeks is exactly what you need to make those lasting changes to your diet and to your life.

Other cool things you get…

  • Coaching, support and accountability to help you make the dietary and lifestyle changes you want.
  • A Care Package filled with Books, CDs, food samples and other tools to help you in your transformation.
  • Recipes that are healthy and easy to prepare
  • Sample meal plans designed specifically for you taking into account your food likes and your busy schedule.
  • The option to continue with a personalized maintenance plan so that you can keep up your momentum and continue to ride the wave!

The total value of this program is over $600.00!

Whether you’re looking to lose 5 to 10 pounds or get back into your healthy routine, this six-week summer program is perfect for giving you the concentrated support that you need to revitalize your life.

Now the stuff you’re really curious about:

If you choose to do this as a private program (only you), the cost of the Summer Nutrition Bootcamp is $330.00

You have the option to pay in full, in two installments of $165.00– which ever works best for you.

If you choose the Buddy Option and sign up with a friend, the cost of the Summer Nutrition Bootcamp is $264.00 for each Buddy.

You have the option to pay in full, in two installments of $132.00.

Click Here to Register!

Got to: ONLINE STORE > Contracts and Packages and choose the Summer Nutrition Bootcamp Payment Option that you want.

Feel free to Email me at if you have any questions.


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