{Friday Musings} My Ten Favorite Things About Summer

My creative juices just aren’t flowing today. I usually use these Friday Musings posts are an opportunity to talk about something that’s on my mind, or going on with me.

Today, all I can think about are the baby carrots with coconut butter that I’m eating right now.

SO. I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite things about summer in list form. I like making lists. They help me feel organized.  So here we go!

My 10 Favorite Things ‘Bout Summer

(in no particular order…I’m not that organized)

  1. The sun. More specifically the warmth of the sun. Every summer, I look forward to being outside and being warm. Like, super warm. Like lying on the beach in a bathing suit and feeling like you’re wrapped in a flannel sleeping bag cocoon.
  2. The colors. Bright green grass, bright blue skies– the vibrant colors of summer days make me happy.
  3. Outdoor eating and cookouts with friends. We love to grill and eat outside! 
  4. Riding my bike as my main mode of transportation. I only really ride from the late spring to mid-fall (I’m a baby like that), but I love feeling the sun on my skin and the wind through my hair…er…helmet.
  5. Iced coffee! As I’ve said before, I’m a coffee person. At a certain point in June, hot coffee loses its appeal and I switch over to iced. This can be a dangerous switch, as I tend to drink more iced coffee than regular coffee. I have to make a conscious effort NOT to reach for it when I want an afternoon cold beverage.
  6. Lifting weights outside. On nice days, I sometimes drag my barbell out of the basement and into my backyard. It takes a few trips, but working out in the fresh air is totally worth it.
  7. Going barefoot. I hate shoes. Well, I hate shoes with laces. I just don’t like tying them. I’m a sandals in the summer, clogs/boots in the winter kind of gal. For the most part, I only wear shoes with laces when I’m working out.
  8. Farmer’s markets. I love food shopping. I love food shopping outside. I love meeting the people who grow the food that I eat…and, most importantly, I love eating the freshest fruits and veggies that I can.
  9. Going to the ocean. I would have been a lobsterman in another life.
  10. Taking time to slow down. Vacationing, playing hooky… taking time to peace out on stress and enjoy a good (non-nutrition) book 😉


What are your favorite things about summer?

2 Responses to {Friday Musings} My Ten Favorite Things About Summer

  1. Holly June 18, 2012 at 2:11 PM #

    Backyard Barbells! I want this so bad in my life! 🙂

    I really need to just put it on a list and make it happen. Did you buy a kit? Buy it a la carte with bumper plates? Do tell. I need someone to give me a push. 🙂

    • Allison June 18, 2012 at 3:08 PM #

      Hi Holly! My amazing boyfriend got these for me for Christmas a few years back– let me just say my jaw dropped and I cried rivers when I saw them waiting for me in my basement. Best. Gift. Ever! I believe he did some research, got a barbell and got a the bumper plates separately. I have a set of 45, 35, 25, 15 and 10lb bumper plates, and then 2 sets of 5 and 2.5lb metal plates. I definitely use the 25, 15 and 10lb plates the most, so if you’re looking to slowly build your collection, I would start with those.

      Let me know if you have any other questions– I can find out where he got them if you like too!

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