{Friday Musings} The Care is in the Effort or I Got a Haircut Yesterday

Yesterday, I got my hair cut.

That’s a big deal for me.

Before this, the last time I got my hair cut was September 2011.

And before that, it was July 2010.

You can guess that I wear a lot of ponytails, buns and headbands.

I may or may not be a headband hoarder.

So anyway. I got my hair cut yesterday and it made me think: “do I do enough to take care of myself?”

Yes, I take quiet time for myself to read and think and pseudo-meditate, but that’s taking care of the INNER me.

I don’t do much to take care of the OUTER me.

Yes, I shower.

Yes, I paint my nails sometimes.

But I rarely get pampered by professionals.

I’m that girl who walks around with one black toenail and a halo of frizzy split ends from pulling my hair back everyday.

Do I do enough to take care of my outer self? Maybe, but sometimes it’s nice to make the effort to get pampered.

It’s about making the effort.

The care is in the effort.

So, after my haircut yesterday, which was Ah-MAH-Zing BTW, I made an appointment to come back in 8 weeks.

I never make a follow-up.

I figured that if I start making that commitment now, making the effort to get a haircut will get easier, and then be a natural part of my life. Hey! That’s kinda how I counsel people to make sustainable dietary changes…hm….

Maybe it was because I had a really great experience at the salon (aka my stylist was wonderful and did NOT try to give me a side-bang, which totally happened in 2010. It’s still growing in.)

Or maybe it was because all of the women there were familiar with the Paleo Diet and either their husbands or their sons were seeing huge changes from a Paleo lifestyle.

Maybe it was because I feel so much better after making an effort to care for myself…

I think it was the desire to take better care of my outer self, and the Paleo stylists were just cream cheese icing on the grain-free carrot cake.

What do you do to take care of yourself? Inner and Outer… I’d love to hear your thoughts– please share them in the comments below.

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