{Instagram Eats} Because I’m sure you want to know what I’m eating…

At every Paleo workshop I’ve ever given, someone asks:

” well, I get it but, what do you eat everyday? No seriously: what do you eat? I mean you, personally.”

Or something like that.

So I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve eaten over the past week or so.

Most of these meals are a combination of breakfast/lunch. My schedule is weird like that. And I like breakfast food.

A lot.

Give me eggs anytime of day. No really– give them to me.

I start my day with coffee from the Keurig. With coconut milk. Sometimes it’s hazelnut. Sometimes it’s iced. It’s always Green Mountain.

I get my FCLOBO on…cinnamon tingle style.

Then come the eggs. This breakfast was  curly kale, and eggs with leftover steaktips from Doms. Yum.

This one was eggs with a nectarine and some hazelnuts.

This one was eggs with greens, raw sauerkraut and pork sausage.

This one was eggs with chicken sausage and sauteed kale. I would be very sad if I someday developed an egg sensitivity. They could be my third favorite food.

Once I ate some Paleo Krunch cereal from Steve’s Original with blueberries and coconut milk.

Then comes lunch. Sweet potato with pastured butter and cinnamon, pork sausage, leftover chicken tips and a carrot with almond butter.

Or this one: sweet potato (again) greens and some grilled chicken. I don’t eat sweet potatoes every day, it just looks like I do. I usually bake them, cut them in half, eat half and save half.

Sometimes my lunch is rando: grilled chicken, basil, khol rabi, cucumber and orange pepper.

Sometimes I have a treat. Like a dark chocolate sea salted caramel…mmMMMm….dangerous…

I usually drink some kombucha. Mostly my own, homemade, but I bought this one at a farmer’s market for a special treat.

I realize it looks like I eat the same thing everyday. Sometimes I do: because I like those foods a lot. I mix it up every now and then, but I really like eggs. And sausage. And kale. And chicken.

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