It’s Gonna be a Frisky Lemon Fall | What’s Happening in Frisky Lemon Land

There are lots of fun things going on in Frisky Lemon Land (TM), I thought I’d give ya’ll an update.

The summer is (unfortunately) coming to a close.

This means a little less fun in the sun, and a lot more organizing yourself for the fall.

Stuff happens in the fall– kids go back to school, people start to get serious about work again, leafy greens come into season.

It’s also a time when people start to get serious about their health goals again.

So, I ask you: what are your health goals for the fall?

What do you hope to accomplish for yourself before the holiday season?

(I can’t believe I just mentioned the holiday season…that makes me cry a little inside.)

Whatever your health goals, I have a few things coming down the pike that might interest you:

August 28th at 7:30pm EST–The Free Paleo 2.0 Teleclass

Whether you’re new to the paleo/whole food lifestyle, or you’re an old pro, there’s something for you in this teleclass. It’s a new spin on an old favorite, if you will– lots of new information and a completely new approach to Paleo. Sign up even if you can’t tune in– you’ll still get the recording and all of the goodies that come with it. Did I mention this class is free? Well, it is!

Teleclass Details:

Tuesday, August 28th 2012 at 7:30pm EST

Click Here to Sign Up!

September 2012– Be a Friskier Lemon in 5 Days

5 Steps to naturally increase your energy VIDEO SERIES!

I’m working on a special project for you– a five day/five video series on how you can naturally increase your energy by making 5 small changes to your life. I’m so excited to be able to offer this to all of you for free!  In a few weeks you’ll be able to sign up to receive a short video every day for five days to get you on track to have more energy…without caffeine or sugary drinks.

Sign up for the Frisky Lemon Newsletter to get the sign up announcement in September!

October 9th to 30th 2012– The Frisky Lemon Nutritional Reset

Paleo Whole Food Cleanse

Join me for the second annual Fall Nutritional Reset!

This 21 day, whole food cleanse based in the Paleo Framework, was a huge success in the Spring– we had women increasing their energy, feeling lighter, and even losing some excess weight.

If you’re looking to press your nutrition reset button in a fun, supportive environment, look no further. As a member of the Nutritional Reset cleanse, you get personal support from me, a certified holistic health counselor, and from all of the other wonderful women in the program.

You can read more about the cleanse and what past cleansers have to say here.

Register before Friday, September 21st @ 11:59PM for the Early Bird Special of $168.00

So, that’s just a tidbit of what’s going on in Frisky Lemon Land this fall. As always, you can sign up for the Frisky Lemon Newsletter or follow me on Facebook so that you don’t miss anything.

I’m really excited to be able to bring all of these things to you! Feel free to email me at if you have questions about any of the programs above!

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