{Friday Musings} The Choosing Food with Love Method

Lately I’ve been trying something new.

It’s not the Zone.

It’s not the OMG Diet…er whatever that thing’s called.

It’s what I’ve started the Choosing Food with Love Method

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You see, lately I’ve been tempted. Tempted to change how I’m eating with weight loss (or fat loss) in mind.

I find that I get stuck in this pattern where I’m content with my body as it is, but as soon as I realize I’m content, I start  the “what ifs”

What if I could cut back on my carbs just a little?

What if I could increase my workout intensity a little?

What if I could stop eating so many plantain chips a little?

What if I could lose this little lower butt fat a little?

Once those “what ifs” take hold, it’s hard to shake them.

I inevitably launch into a new eating routine. The new routine is centered around making healthy choices, but the seed behind those healthy choices is changing my body.

Changing my body.

As opposed to making choices based on cherishing and loving the body I have now.

As opposed to making choices that support my already healthy body.

The new routine will last a week at best– although it usually only lasts 3 days.

Then there’s backlash. Nothing drastic.

Nothing like the backlash used to be where I’d hole up in my bedroom alternating handfuls from a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and a bag of Oreos until both bags were empty.

But it’s backlash all the same.

SO. Long story shorter: I’ve come up with a new method.

Consciously making my food choices from a place of love.

Making choices that nourish my body in the most loving way possible.

Basically, I ask myself before every meal: “am I choosing this food with love?”

You know something? It’s been helping.

Helping me make choices based on cherishing and loving the body I have now.

Helping me make choices that  support my already healthy body.

It’s helped me stop my mindless eating.

It’s helped me feel better about my body.

It may seem cooky, but I even feel like I’ve lost weight. Without focusing on calories or macro-nutrients.

By focusing on making choices from a loving place.

I’m in a place where I know what foods agree with me– I know what “healthy eating” is– which foods are more healthy and which foods are less.

For me, getting to this place was a matter of thinking about things differently.

To stop fueling myself with protein, carbs and healthy fats and to start fueling myself with love.

Have you ever tried a method similar to this? Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below– I’d love to hear from you.

2 Responses to {Friday Musings} The Choosing Food with Love Method

  1. Nora August 31, 2012 at 2:22 PM #

    This is exactly what I needed to read. I’m in a very similar place, though unfortunately closer to the blacklash you painted with Oreos and Doritos. I think I’ll have to start consciously making food choices from a place of love as well. Your description of it really makes so much sense.

    Thanks for sharing this and I wish you luck in your own endeavor!

    • Allison August 31, 2012 at 2:37 PM #

      Hi Nora! You’re welcome! Thanks so much for stopping by…and for the well wishes. I wish you luck on your journey as well!

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