{Fall Nutritional Reset} “I felt more clear-headed, lighter & had enormous amounts of energy”

As we approach the Early Bird Deadline tomorrow, I wanted share some words from a former Nutritional Resetter about her experience.

Carole did the Nutritional Reset last fall (formerly the Return to Nourishment) and the Nutritional Reset this past spring.

Here is what she has to say:

“I have had the very good fortune to be able to participate in two of the nutritional resets with Allison-  one a year ago and one last spring.

My experiences both times were amazing.

I especially appreciate how knowledgeable Allison is regarding all things nutritional, and her kind and wise approach to helping me change the way I view food.

During and after each cleanse I felt more clear headed, lighter, had enormous amounts of energy

and as I work odd hours this was a wonderful  benefit to learning how to eat paleo.

A secondary gain is that

I have lost a lot of body fat- and pounds- although that wasn’t my goal, and have eliminated a lot of unhealthy cravings- primarily sugar!”

–Carole M., Administrative Nurse Coordinator, Burlington, VT

I am so grateful and fortunate to work people like Carole!

What will you experience with the Fall Nutritional Reset?

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