{Friday Musings} Chocolate Chip Pancakes & A Need for Support.

Last night I ate almond flour chocolate chip pancakes for dinner.

At 9:30pm.

It was actually my second dinner.

I was home alone (well, it was me and my puppy) watching DVR’ed Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders: Making the Team 7.

I had eaten a healthy dinner of meat and veggies around 7pm, but around 9pm, I got a hankering.

I deconstructed my cravings: I was bored, lonely, and probably hormonal (sorry…TMI).

I tried to sit with those feelings. Let them sink in. Let myself be okay with them.

And I did sit with them for a while.

But I know me: once I start thinking about something like chocolate chip pancakes, usually no amount of  sitting with my emotions will make me stop craving them.

Even when I’ve gotten to a point when I’m okay with my loneliness and boredom, I sometimes need to indulge my craving. Or else it will come back to bite me later.

Usually in the form of WAAAAY more sugar. Or a binge on “paleo” baked goods…like pumpkin spice donuts.

When I’m in a sugar craving cycle, like I seem to be right now, the little demons eat away at me.

So I made the pancakes.

And I ate about half.

The sugar got to me and my brain exploded.

And I said to myself  “I’m SOOOOO ready for a Nutritional Reset.”

I need some help getting rid of my sugar cravings.

I need some help restoring my energy by choosing foods that truly fuel me.

I need a group.

I need some support.

I need to support.

To walk my talk.

It’s so much easier to walk your talk when there are other people relying on your guidance.

My favorite part of the Nutritional Reset is the group aspect. Because, selfishly, I benefit from the accountability as well.

My Nutritional Resetters hold ME accountable…although they may not realize it.

I always cleanse with the group. Because I like to walk my talk…and because I usually NEED it.

Having a group of people with similar goals going through the same thing is empowering.

Life changing.


And way more fun that going it alone.

Are you ready for group support?

For accountability?

For a little fun?

21 Day Whole Food Cleanse

Virtual group program runs October 9th to 30th

Questions? Email me at Allison@friskylemon.com

One Response to {Friday Musings} Chocolate Chip Pancakes & A Need for Support.

  1. Nora September 28, 2012 at 4:26 PM #

    This is definitely something I struggle with. Your description of deconstructing your cravings and sitting with your emotions, that’s something I want to be able to do a lot better. I used to restrict myself way too much, so I’ve begun allowing myself to indulge if the urge strikes. But I think it would be so much more beneficial for me to actually understand why the urge strikes in the first place. Love the idea of a nutritional reset support group. It’s amazing how much simply talking things out with another person can help in situations like this.

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