{Product Review} KLUTCHclub Spa Month box

Getting stuff in the mail is so much fun.

Especially when it’s a box full of goodies.

KLUTCHclub is program designed to allow women (and men) to test out the latest health and wellness products. Each month, you get a box full of goodies in the mail .Every month has a different theme. September was Spa Month so the box I got contained tons of pampering, relaxation stuff.

Including a 100% natural Dead Sea Mud Mask from Anatomy Naturals.

Dream water, which is a natural sleep aid. The active ingredients include melatonin, which helps regulate sleep cycles  and 5-HTP, which is an amino acid precursor that regulates serotonin.

Zenify– a live stress free drink. This stuff was bubbly and tasted good. A little sweeter than I’d hoped…

Amazing lip gloss from Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques made with organic caster, olive and coconut oils. I loved this stuff!

Tea for relaxing…

A sample of EBoost…

and a whole food bar from EcoTrek.

I have a weakness for these things…this one tasted pretty good! Not too sweet.

I LOVED getting this little box in the mail! It’s over $100 worth of stuff (including gift cards and coupon codes) for $16 bucks…crazy.  I really like the wide range of products– things I might not know about and things I’ve always wanted to try. It was like getting a super awesome birthday present! Speaking of which, they would make a great gift for the health conscious person in your family.

You can read some rave reviews of KLUTCHclub over on Vital Juice and Organic Spa Magazine.

OR if you want to get your own special box of goodies, you can sign up over here!

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