{Friday Musings} 5 things I’ve done to get ready for my Nutritional Reset

Next Tuesday marks the first day of the Fall Nutritional Reset.

In case you’re new here, or you don’t really read what I write (in which case you probably aren’t reading this now…) the Nutritional Reset is a 21 day whole food cleanse based in the Paleo Framework.

The Nutritional Reset is for healing digestion.

For increasing energy and feeling lighter

For life-changing, basically.


I’ve done a LOT of stuff over the past few days to get myself ready.

No, I’m not talking about all of the business/clerical scrambling I’ve been doing…

I’m talking about cooking.

You see, I do every cleanse alongside my cleansers.

It keeps me real.

And I usually need it…

So. Here is all of the stuff I’ve done to get ready for my Nutritional Reset starting on Tuesday:

  1. I brewed some kombucha so that I can get my daily dose of beneficial bacteria and general healing powers. 
  2. I cooked up some bone broth for gut healing and some wonderful vitamins and minerals.
  3. I made chicken liver pate. I seriously can’t stop eating this stuff…It looks gross, but it’s SO goooood! More on this next week…
  4. I wrote out a shopping list for the weekend so that I’m prepared to make all kinds of delicious foods.
  5. I bought a new gournel so that I can write down my hopes and dreams everyday.

I’m more excited than usual for this Nutritional Reset. Maybe because I have all of my ducks in a row.

I’m now realizing that to the average joe, my ducks might seem a little disgusting.

Liver? Check.

Bones? Check.

Slimy bacteria culture? Check.

Hopefully, reading this has not grossed you out, but actually made you think about joining us next Tuesday.

There’s still space left for you.

So. Read more about this 21 day whole food cleanse here.

Then sign up by clicking here:

This virtual group program starts next Tuesday, October 9th and runs until the 30th.

Still have questions? I’d love to answer them for you! Email me at Allison@friskylemon.com

Not the right time? That’s okay. There will be a Winter Nutritional Reset starting on January 14th, 2013Email me for more info.

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