{Friday Musings} Nutritional Reset | Week One

The Fall 2012 Nutritional Reset started this past Tuesday, October 9th.

We have seven pretty amazing women in the group from all over the place– Seattle, WA, Texas and Vermont to name a few places. All with different goals ranging from reducing inflammation to heal some arthritis to having more energy to support a marathon training program.

The first few days are both the easiest and the hardest days of the 21 day cleanse. For me anyway.

Easiest because I’m gung-ho about sticking with the cleanse protocol to the T.

Hardest because I worry about sticking with the cleanse protocol to the T.

I’m an old pro at this, but for some who have never gone without grains, legumes and dairy, there are some withdrawal symptoms.

Reportedly headaches and feeling a little hungrier than usual.

This is your body trying to even itself out. Trying to find some balance.

Weaning yourself off of the sugar and conditioning yourself to run on some good, old, healthy fats.


This week has been great for me.

  • I’m noticing a renewed motivation to cook delicious (non-sweet treat) foods.
  • I have more energy (my workouts and recovery have been ah-MAH-zing).

Having more energy is definitely a big thing.

Remember a few weeks ago when I was all “EVERYTHING IS GREAT!!” ? Well, that week must have been the peak of my bell curve, because everything went steady down hill after that. I aggravated an old shot put injury (in my back), I aggravated an old knee injury (residual torn ACL stuff). I felt SO tired all the time. And I was just plain sad.

A real Debbie Downer.

I took this as a serious cue to STOP.

I took a week off from really heavy lifting and moving weights quickly (aka Metcon-ing).

I tried really hard to focus on what I was eating…which worked, but I still got pulled into the sugar pit a little bit.

THEN the cleanse started.

And now all is good.

I’m excited about where this cleanse will take me.

Here are the action steps I’ve been taking all week (I do each of these things every day):

  1. Drink one cup of homemade bone broth
  2. Eat veggies at all three meals
  3. Eat some herbal tea gelatin
  4. Practice gratitude/heartmath 
  5. Rumble roll my muscles for at least 8 minutes
  6. Drink 2+ liters of water

Things have been going well so far.

How was your week? What action steps did you take toward your goals? Feel free to share in the comments below…I’d love to hear from you!


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