{Friday Musings} Nutritional Reset | Week Two (Yes, I know it’s Monday)

Friday Musings on a Monday? That’s Crazytown.

Week Three of the Fall Nutritional Reset officially begins tomorrow.

This is the post where I tell you how things went during week two.

They’re going pretty great.

I find that I have to think about what I eat a lot during week one, but not so much in week two.

By week two, I’m in a groove and not thinking so much about what I’m eating.

Therefore, not having much to write home about.

Things I’m noticing from week two now that I stop to actually think about it:

  1. I wanted more chocolate. I have a stash of super dark chocolate for those pesky sugar cravings. I usually a little to ease my sweet tooth, but this week I found myself wanting it more frequently. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little dark chocolate every now and then, but when I’m wanting copious amounts of it all the dang time, I have to stop and reevaluate.
  2. I slacked on my bone broth-making. I ran out of bone broth in the middle of the week and the thought of cleaning the slow cooker totally turned me off…so I had a lapse in bone broth. That’s okay though. I’m human. And I’m making more…tomorrow…
  3. Drinking herbal tea in the evening makes me feel really good. I love curling up on the couch with my book and a hot mug of tea. Recently it’s been Peach Detox from Yogi Tea. It’s warm and comforting– and it helps me relax after a long day. 
  4. I still need to think about vegetables. Like I say in my Paleo Workshops– I’m a total fruit person. I could eat fruit all day, everyday for the rest of my life and never eat another vegetable again. I have to be very conscious about getting my veggies in.  I’m really good about this in week one, but during week two I tend to get a little lazy and reach for the Olivia’s Salad Greens as opposed to making my own kale salad.

Overall things are going great! Both for me, and for the ladies of the cleanse.

I’m actually fitting in to those pesky jeans I complain about so much.

I have a TON of energy right now and my workouts (and recovery) have been great.

How are you feeling on this Monday?


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One Response to {Friday Musings} Nutritional Reset | Week Two (Yes, I know it’s Monday)

  1. Happy girlfriend October 22, 2012 at 1:08 PM #

    I’m so with you on the veggies vs fruit thing, lol, but I keep making new veggie dip recipes it solves the problem

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