{Friday Musings} On Crappy Halloween Candy…and how much I love it

You may or may not know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I guess it’s not technically a holiday…but whatever: it’s my favorite.

I love dressing up (especially wearing blonde wigs).

I love scaring little kids…

I love eating crappy candy.

Yes. That last one is definitely true.

I’ve always loved crappy candy.

Yes, I know it’s one of the worst things for you, but I have a super weak spot for Reese’s, Snickers, 100 Grand and the occasional Take5.

Every year around this time, I throw caution to the wind and eat crappy candy with abandon.

It’s embarrassing how much candy I’m capable of eating.

I’m taking a whole plastic pumpkin bucket full of chocolate-y, chemical-y (not so) goodness.

Don’t ask my why. I don’t know why.

But I do know that this year will be different.

You see, the Fall Nutritional Reset ends the day before Halloween.

I’m feeling so amazing that there’s no way I’m going to throw that all away with a one night candy binge.

I might have a Reese’s or two, but I’m leaning toward not having any at all.

Not because I feel like I need to restrict myself, but because I don’t think I actually want them at all.

In the past, the candy binges have been for a mixture of reasons.

One of them being self-sabotage.

Another being slight punishment (for eating all that candy of course. What better way to punish yourself for eating a ton of candy than to continue to eat a ton of candy?)

This year, I don’t have those feelings.

My relationship with food is great right now.

I feel very comfortable in and proud of my body and its strength.

The process of whole-food-cleansing has a lot to do with this. Focusing on eating whole foods–foods that make you healthier–naturally encourages self-love and respect.

So even though I usually love eating crappy Halloween candy, I’m pretty sure I won’t want to this year.

If I do end up eating some (because I’m human), I’ll choose the next moment to forgive, move on and get back to my healthy routine.

Fearing the Halloween Candy Temptation? Here are a few great articles about those super-normally sweet treats:

Halloween Candy is Not Special by The Whole9Life

What’s Really in Halloween Candy found on the Greatist

and some recipes for a healthier version of your favorite Halloween Treats

Pumpkin Butter Cups by the Civilized Caveman

Almond Joy bars I made last year

Vegan Rolo Knockoffs by Angela at Oh She Glows– you could easily substitute almond butter for the peanut butter.

Pumpkin Fudge by the Coconut Mama– I’m making this soon…looks SO GOOD.

So there you have it. Some alternatives to your crappy candy.

How are you feeling about Halloween? Do you get sucked into the Crappy Candy Vortex too?

Feel free to share…and let me know I’m not crazy.

2 Responses to {Friday Musings} On Crappy Halloween Candy…and how much I love it

  1. MC October 28, 2012 at 11:12 PM #

    I totally agree with this. The more I recognize how good I feel when I eat well, the easier it gets to skip the Halloween candy.

    I won’t skip all of it –because I do like those Reese’s! But I find I eat each piece with intention and pleasure, rather than just grab it because it is there.

    • Allison October 29, 2012 at 1:10 PM #

      Yes! Eating a piece with intention and pleasure– LOVE that! If I find myself really hankering, that’s what I’ll be doing too!

Thoughts? Feel free to comment below!

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