{Friday Musings} 21 Days Under the Belt

The Fall Nutritional Reset ended this past Tuesday.

Even though the cleanse has officially ended, it’s been incredibly easy for me to keep up with it– I basically kept forgetting that the cleanse ended.

My end results:

  1. Feeling much lighter (and fitting into jeans I thought I’d have to throw away. WOOT)
  2. WAY more energy
  3. A more positive outlook

But enough from me! Here is what one of my lovely cleanse ladies had to say:

“I have been truly loving  [the cleanse]! I decided to continue with the elimination phase for the third week and I am planning to continue forward with this lifestyle choice, trying to add in a few things here and there while maintaining an awareness of how those choices make me feel. You were absolutely right that I didn’t need to worry about losing too much weight. I did lose a little and I feel great. I feel lighter, clearer, and empowered to change my life.” –Reina G., Teacher, Richmond, VT

Overall, it’s been a great experience for me and hopefully for all of the participants as well.

It’s been a super good time, and I’m SO excited to offer it again in January.

So…if you’re interested in learning more, and getting advance notice of registration, sign up for my monthly newsletter!

There are some exciting incentives for the winter cleanz if you join with some of your friendz (see what I did there?).

And don’t forget about Free Discovery Session November!

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