Holiday Weight Worry: It’s Not Worth Your Brainspace

The holiday season is about spreading good cheer, but it can be hard to focus on joy and family with all of the weight worry that tends to go on this time of year.

You’re not alone if you’ve ever worried about gaining weight over the holidays. The average American gains about 1 pound in the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years day.

This study  has been floating around for a few years now. I most recently came across it on Chris Kresser’s blog and in one of his Healthy Revolution Radio Podcasts.

True, most people gain some weight over the holiday season. But what the articles about holiday weight gain DON’T tell you is that while the subjects in this study did gain weight, they believed they had gained four times more weight than they actually did.

Subjects believed they gained four times more weight

than they actually did.


Holiday weight gain is an issue, but I don’t want you to worry about it.

Worrying is what leads people to believe that they gained more weight than they actually have.

Focusing those negative worries on your weight could, quite possibly, cause you to put on a few MORE pounds.

Stress and worry can impact your weight in more ways than one.

“There are actual physiological changes that happen in the body during times of stress that can predispose us to pack on more pounds than when we aren’t stressed.” (Source)

So it’s more important than ever to stop worrying about your weight and start enjoying your holiday.

Here are three ways that you can ease your

Holiday Weight Worry:

Give Yourself Permission.

This step is borrowed from many other health coaches/body image professionals before me. Give yourself permission to stop thinking about your weight. Give yourself permission to relax. To break your food rules. You have the right to eat whatever you want over the holiday season as long as your choices come from a place of love.

Re-focus on being stress-free.

Take the focus off of what you’re eating and how your clothes fit and channel that energy toward relieving stress. There are so many things to worry about this holiday season—your weight shouldn’t be one of them. Focus on taking care of yourself and breathing easy.

Pinpoint a source of inspiration.

When I say “stop worrying” about your weight, it doesn’t mean that I want you to stop caring. I want you to be the vibrant, energetic, healthy person that YOU want to be. I just don’t want you to stress about it over the holiday. Find a source of inspiration or motivation that will help you get back to your usual food routine after the holidays are over. This could be a fitness goal—like getting your first pull-up, or getting ready to compete in the Open, for example. Once the holidays are over and the craziness subsides, focus on fueling your body for your goal. Filling yourself up with good food and love.

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Worrying about your weight over the holiday

is a waste of brainspace.

Take a deep breath and let it all go.

Focus on enjoying yourself.

Focus that energy on family, friends and spreading the love.

Figure out what goal inspires you and table the weight thoughts until after the holidays (or preferably, forever).

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2 Responses to Holiday Weight Worry: It’s Not Worth Your Brainspace

  1. Nora December 20, 2012 at 9:37 AM #

    This is great. With all the articles that circulate around this time giving tips on how not to gain or rules to follow to keep yourself “on track”, it’s refreshing to see this. Holidays should be about family, friends, love, and being thankful–not stressing over food and weight. Easier said than done sometimes but it’s good to have articles like this to help remind us!

    • Allison December 20, 2012 at 10:32 AM #

      Thanks, Nora. That’s exactly how I feel– too many articles this time of year about how NOT to gain weight…it can be scary and intimidating…mostly because almost everyone DOES gain a little weight this time of year.

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