{New Year Re-Post} 5 Tips to be a Friskier Lemon in 2013

This was first posted last year around this time, but it’s all still relevant this year. Go Forth, lemons, and get Frisky!


Even though January is not that different from any other month (except maybe that it’s colder) it’s still a great time to renew your motivation.

Your motivation to reach your health goals, your motivation to reach your life goals–your motivation to be a Friskier Lemon in 2012.

A Frisky Lemon is playful, adventurous, caring and dedicated to living life to the fullest!

To help with your efforts to become a Friskier Lemon, I’ve devised five tried and true tips for you.

5 Tips be to a Friskier Lemon in 2013

1. Play more. Remember how it felt to play “can’t touch the ground tag” as a kid? Find that fun again– in life and in exercise. Experiment with new ways of moving, or find a new way to enjoy your job. You’ll be more likely to stick with something if it feels like play rather than work.

2. Get curious in the kitchen. Have you ever tasted jicama? Have you ever cooked with coconut aminos? Start exploring new foods and new ways of cooking. Read tons of cookbooks–starting with my new favorite, Well Fed– and invent your new favorite dish.

3. Cherish the YOU of today. Instead of thinking about who you will be tomorrow, or when you lose the weight or when you gain the muscle, think about who you are today. Cherish that person because s/he enables you to do all of the wonderful things you do right now.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Honestly, a Tollhouse cookie here and there will not kill you. Having one day where you eat foods you don’t usually eat (aka “bad” things) will not kill you. It may not even make a dent in your health efforts. Take a deep breath and forgive. Then move on to your next opportunity.

5. Eat more dark green, leafy things. As always, eat more vegetables. Especially the leafy green kind. Leafy greens are the miracle food that’s missing from your diet. They can lift your spirit, and clear your mind. They taste pretty good too.
Being a Friskier Lemon is all about having fun, living healthy and, most importantly, being flexible and forgiving. As Oscar Wilde put it: “everything in moderation, even moderation.”  

So go forth, and be a Friskier Lemon this year! I promise–it’s a much fun as it sounds.

Eat Kale and Be Happy, pal



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