Lavender Honey Salt Scrub from DIY Organic Beauty Recipes

One of my favorite parts of the Nutritional Reset Cleanse program is putting together the cleanse kits for the resetters.

I love putting together care packages full of goodies to help my peeps through the cleanse.

A few of my staples are dark chocolate (at least 70%), a tongue scraper, detox tea and a Frisky Lemon Journal.

But I always try to mix the other goodies up  a little bit.

I’ve given away psyllium husk, bentonite clay, and Paleokits.

This time, I decided to include something to support external detoxing– a Lavender Honey Salt Scrub from DIY Organic Beauty Recipes by Mommypotamus.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ and is incredibly important for detoxifying your system. That’s why things like hot towel scrubs and salt baths are so effective.

Heather, aka Mommypotamus says:

“Salt—especially unrefined salt with its 60+ trace minerals—is a powerful rejuvenator of tired, dry skin. Not only does it stimulate cell growth, assist with detoxification and improve circulation, it also helps skin absorb and retain moisture.”

IMG_4572_1 I used some light grey celtic sea salt– the vital mineral blend.


and lavender essential oil from Now Foods, and raw honey. Lavender is one of my favorite scents– and it’s so relaxing.


The scrub was pretty enough to eat…


Seriously: I wanted to eat it. But that would have been a huge mistake.


I packaged up in cute little jars for the cleanse kits.

This stuff is amazing.

You simply rub a tablespoon of the scrub in your damp hands and the rub it into your skin– especially dry areas like elbows and heels– then rinse and repeat as necessary.

I’m kind of in love with DIY Organic Beauty Recipes. Heather includes recipes for SO many things– everything from body butter to lip balm. If you’re into homemade, natural beauty products, it’s definitely worth it.

 You can find the book here.

Go get it and start healing yourself from the outside in!



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