{Friday Musings} Because you know you’re curious…

…about what I ate in my first week of the Winter Nutritional Reset!

Today marks the end of the first work-week of the Winter Nutritional Reset whole food cleanse, so I thought I’d do a little posty on my tummy has been up to this week.

photo(1) Lately I’ve been eating my first meal of the day in the mid-morning/afternoon so it tend to be very breakfasty. Eggs, bacon, raw sauerkraut and greens.


My big batch of cooking for the week included some mustard glazed chicken thighs (recipe from Practical Paleo) and roasted asparagus.


This lunch was leftover chicken thighs, eggs and pickles. Weird? Maybe. It’s what my body was asking for.


I made some delicious chicken liver pate at the beginning of the week to get my offal on!


More thighs and broccoli with grass-fed butter. What? These chicken thighs are one of my favorite meals!


I did some working out this week. The stack of plates you see pictured is my makeshift box for some “jumps over box.” I did EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes, 3 Power Cleans at 135# and then EMOM 10 3 Jumps over box at whatever height that is…


Dinner at M’s mom’s house– she made some delicious chicken sausage with peppers and tomatoes. I had mine over a bed of spinach.

I did eat some meals that aren’t pictured. Including some steak tips, PaleoStix and guacamole.

This week has been great so far!

People have already started to notice changes in mood, energy level and an increased feeling of lightness.

Can’t wait to see what Week 2 has in store for me!

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